Ahhh.....So here we go, all of us are attempting to learn a new game(at least to us) COD4-Modern Warfare. We are all newbies at this game, so most every player that comes into the server is much better than us. Thats not stopping us though, were still trying to learn. We all know that on most days, Halo Combat has 500 legit players and an unknown number of "Pirate" players, so the days are numbered for it. Soon, halo will be a faded memory, and we will have now choice but to move on. We will never forget Halo, we have had some great fun, but its time to start thinking about whats next. COD4 is almost EXACTLY the same as HALO, only a lot more sophisticated, because you gain experience points, and that allows you to have different weapons, in a faster paced halo type enviroment.

We will not, ever, stop playing or hosting Halo CE/PC games!! In fact, we will continue, with the best Server, the Best Clan Mates, the best Games and Maps and with your help, we will rule!! Just because the game is dying, we will make sure we make our last stand. So dont worry, your favorite clan will always be here, we are having way to much fun to stop now!! Dont listen to the voices of the weak, «RG» will live on for a long, long time!!