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Teamspeak Server



Global Community Rules

Keep in mind that people that come here want to have fun and be treated as family and friends. Let's welcome them into open arms! Any of the rules broke on these lists are open to various types of reprimand, all depending on the severity of the actions.
  1. Be Nice. This is a place for us to have fun, and were here to be friends. If your trolling, looking for a fight, or trying to start trouble, this is not the place. You will be removed, kicked or banned!

  2. Follow instructions, if a higher ranked clan member asks you to do something, follow their instructions. If the other members in the server ask you to chill out, or even leave, be nice and think about them, and the noise that you create.

  3. Language: Although we are an adult clan, but there are times that we have visitors that may not appreciate foul language, so act accordingly. We have ladies, and youngsters in our server, so be aware and keep cussing to a minimum. But for those of you who are visiting, be aware, we use adult language.

  4. No recruiting or advertising for any other clan, PERIOD, in our server. This is a PERMANENTLY BANNABLE offence, and will never be tolerated. There may be no warning, if caught, your banned.

  5. We are a CNOP certified clan, as such, we do not condone any kind of hacks or cheating, serverside, clientside, glitching or otherwise.

  6. We do not appreciate any Derogatory, Unpleasant, and/or Pornographic, images or anything similar otherwise.

  7. We do not appreciate any Derogatory remarks.(Sexist, Racist, Bullying, ETC)

  8. Do not impersonate admins or other players.

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