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Happy Birthday Kimmie!!

Wish your brothers and sisters a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Happy Birthday Kimmie!!

PostAuthor: BMF » Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:18 am

Dear Kim

I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Being 79 isnt easy! I know soon youre going to be slobbering, drooling, messing your britches, and peeing your panties! We know its going to be ruff for you, so if theres anything we can do, please let us know! We have already taken up some money to buy you some adult diapers! The wheel chair is on the way, and your new total lift bra is ordered!

I hope its a better year hunny!! It has to be!

We have personally been thru some great times, and some awful stuff. You have always been kewl. Thanks for being a friend, a clan mate and a really awesome person!!

BMF sband

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