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The real thanks goes to.........

All the lowdown on the servers!!!

The real thanks goes to.........

PostAuthor: BMF » Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:47 pm

The Server is officially paid for until JULY, 2017. Thanks to Simple, Roadkill, Angel Eyes, Streaker, Kimsman, Diaperful, Heed, Hummungus and myself! Angel bought the server for a half year. Most of these guys, have been supporting RG since it was born. Thanks really go out to them! We are here for friendships, and we certainly have that!

And a word to all, if you are enjoying this server, please, take a few minutes and donate. Everything helps!! Id really like to add other games, and with our little server, were pretty limited on resources. Man, 5 bucks aint gonna freakin kill ya!



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