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Halo Lobby Problems

All the lowdown on the servers!!!

Halo Lobby Problems

PostAuthor: BMF » Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:17 pm

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LOTS of questions about the server lobby. It was hacked, and has been patched. Make sure that EVERYBODY knows to join our community so they will be able to join our servers anytime there is a crash of the lobby.


This game cannot survive without you, and you need some way to join the games. This is one alternative to finding our games. They can also use xfire and find all the servers there. You can join http://www.gametracker.com create a profile and add all our servers.

Dont let friends game without the tools, help all the community to always have an alternative way to join our servers, and all the halo games available.

If you need help, ask!!


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