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Thanks to Angel Eyes

The WONDERFUL people who donate to the clan!!!!

Thanks to Angel Eyes

PostAuthor: BMF » Sat May 28, 2016 7:47 am

Members and Friends,
A really special thanks to our friend Angel Eyes for the donation. Not just any donation either, he actually paid for the servers for 6 months. That is a special kind of HALO brother!
Angel will be helping admin the servers that he plays, and if he needs any help, please jump in and do just that. He was in CE for a while, he lives in the USA, In Penn, and is just a bit older than i am (thank the god of halo) so I personally want to make him feel like our friend, which he is.

Halo is dying, this morning there were 60 players. Probably 55 of them are cheaters. We are having a hard time banning offenders and hackers, they can change their IP and now it seems they have a hash changer too. That means the end of service, so enjoy the last days of it. It will not be long.

Thanks Angel!!! sdrinks ssuper2


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