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The (Former) Days of Thunder

All Players who have been caught red handed while cheating on «RG» Servers

The (Former) Days of Thunder

PostAuthor: BMF » Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:54 pm

The events that happened this weekend were brought upon us by our ex leader Thunder. He removed both Streak and I from our forums and team speak. Being a child, this was the only way he could hurt us, but he failed. His actions, have shown what kind of person he really is.

Wrongful information was being disclosed to his friends, and causing drama that was not only childish, but wrong. During the course of his leadership, we had ex members who were reading the posts in our leader section, we caught that, made adjustments, and then as it turned out, THUNDER was giving them more wrongful information.
Both Ky and Thunder were friends with these ex members, and for the sake of security, we thought it best to secure our server, until a resolution was made by all the parties involved. We asked them both to come to team speak, and Ky quit the clan. Thunder, Streaker and I talked for a while, Thunder seemed fine, and all was good friday night.

Saturday morning, Streak and I discovered that we were locked out of the admin privileges on Team Speak and on the Forums. We started looking into the log files of the forums and saw that Ky and Thunder were in them earlier. We didnt know for sure who had changed our status's, and because Ky resigned, she had NO reason to be in our forums, we removed both of them.

Now, Vinit, was not present during this, but I had emailed him disclosing our intentions. He also has left our clan. No reason was given.

Since this last bit of drama, Thunder has xfired me with one of the most awesome excuses that I have ever heard in my life, and believe me, I was a manager for a multimillion dollar business, with 100+ employees, so I have heard some incredible stories, he said [22:20] «RG»Thunder [King Leader]: thanks for f^cking removing my account, my pc was f^cking hacked and i've been trying to get sh^t restored

He has been kicked from our clan, a disgrace. His status will reside in the hall of shame.

Our days of thunder are over. We will now move forward. I thank you all for reading, and for being a part of RG. My most sincere apologies go to you all for the drama, I will take the fall for that. Steaker and I may have done this incorrectly this time, but hopefully, we won't the next time.
The incredible part of this story, is that with the help of the Halo community, our property is restored, and were back in business. Thanks to Ronixx, from AAA, for all his hard work.

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