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PostAuthor: hybrid » Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:43 pm

Hey everyone @ RG!

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves ;)

We with {Ñا} have just released our latest version of our Official Site and would like to welcome you all to it!

Sign up is very simple, and once you have joined up, I'll make sure to put you all under our "Ally" rank title which grants you a bit more privileges and features than just being a "Registered" user.

All of RG are welcome to sign-up, my only requirement or rather recommendation is for you to put your tag in when asked for your In-Game Username, that way I can easily identify you. If you do not want to join - that is okay. However, I would appreciate it if at least BMF would ;)

Our Official Site URL:

(You may need to refresh your browser and/or clear your browser history if you still the the construction page)

Kind Regards,
Hybrid - O.F. of The {Ñا} Çlan™


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